Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Tribute to Michael Jackson

This week my family came out from Arizona and we all went to Disneyland. While standing in line waiting for our turn to enter the elevator on the Tower of Terror ride we were deciding on what poses we would strike for the camera. My sister, Jessie, came up with the great idea that we should do a "Thriller" pose. Ha! I thought that was hilarious! So the six of us in our party decided we were going to do a "Thriller" pose. The guy standing next to us heard us talking and said he'd join in. So then we were joking about how funny it would be to get everyone on the ride to strike the "Thriller" pose. The guy and I decided we would make an announcement once we were on the ride. So, once we were all seated and right before they closed the elevator door I yell, "Okay everyone, we have an announcement!" Everyone gives me this look like what the heck?! So the guy tells everyone that we are going to strike the "Thriller" pose to the left. It was the first time on the ride for some of them so they didn't know exactly when the picture was, but I attempted yelling through the music "Thriller to the left!!!" I thought we had a pretty good result. Seriously, how fun is Disneyland?! Plotting and goofing off with perfect strangers?!

...More Dinsneyland pictures coming soon!!!


The Speirs said...

Very funny Jenn. It sounds like you guys had a great time.

Marissa said...

Too funny! I'm not brave enough to go on that ride but I sure do love Disneyland!

*katie* said...

how fun! totally love that ride!!!!!

Connley's High Tech Space Shuttle

Connley and I built a space shuttle for him the other day. He kept sitting inside this box that I was meaning to throw away and decided that he was having so much fun with it that we should color it and make it something cool. So it is his NASA space shuttle, called Space Shuttle Connley. Once completed I had him sit in it and I pushed him around the apartment until I just about fell over dead (like after one minute!). So, that was our fun little project!

Connley's Halloween Costume

Connley's Halloween Costume

connley photo shoot

connley photo shoot

a tired little boy...

a tired little boy...
what a good sport!