Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Last Thursday my family came out from Arizona and we spent the day with them at Disneyland. We had a blast! The kids loved it! Connley has already started asking when grandma is coming back to go to Disneyland. This last time he only asked me like five times a day! No joke. It begins again! Ahhhh! I'm glad he likes it so much. What a spoiled little boy! Speaking of spoiled, Aunt Jessie bought Connley his Mickey ears the last time we were at Disneyland so grandma bought Dalton a pair this time. These boys look so adorable and they love their Mickey ears!

Okay, so they had the most beautiful flowers at Disneyland. These are my favorite!

We woke up early so we could be there right as the gates opened. Dalton didn't last long. This is his morning nap...

This is everyone's reaction when we were watching the Star Wars Training Academy...

Jessie is really amazed! (Not posed at all:)

Hey, I caught a picture of my dad smiling! (For those of you that don't know him, it's not that he doesn't smile, it's just really hard to get a good smile from him when taking his picture. So pretty much I caught him off gaurd.)

I thought Jessie did a splendid job of taking this picture. Totally have to give her credit for it!

So this cute little Mickey Mouse outfit Dalton is wearing is a gift from grandma RaDean given to him when he was born. The funny thing is that it is a 3-6 month outfit. He is my peanut baby! Thanks grandma RaDean!

After lunch we were all ready for a nap. Connley fell asleep in the little umbrella stroller. He was hanging half way out but still managed to get a good nap in.

Jessie had the same problem.

Dalton on the other hand just woke up from his nap and was ready to go!

Toy Story Mania!

My super hero brother...

He's really tough!

Thanks for all the fun Disneyland memories everyone!


Christi Pobst said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! I'm totally bummed you guys didn't stop by to see Westin!

Justin, Allison, and Emily said...

SO FUN! Totally jealous!

Marissa said...

So fun! It seems like you guys are always getting to go to Disneyland! I love the mouse ears on the boys :)

The Smith Family said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. You're always doing something fun.
I love the boy's pictures with the Mickey Mouse's ears. Also good to see you in one of the picture. Tell Connelly that Brooke misses him and stills remember him.

*katie* said...

SOOOO many cute pictures! Love the one of Jessie:) and I must say, i totally love the flowers! those boys of yours are sure cute!

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