Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Weekend: A day at the beach.

Last weekend Jason had Friday through Monday off for the Memorial Day holiday. We ended up having quite the adventurous weekend. I figured I would post everything backwards (start with Monday and go back to Friday) because then it will all be in order by the time I'm done. So...

We spent Monday at a nice quiet beach on the bay with some friends. There were no crowds, it was perfect. Connley played with his buddies Tristan and Kennan while Dalton followed them around. Jason spent the time fishing and I enjoyed visiting with the girls. It was the perfect way to finish off our long weekend!

Jason fishing/relaxing.

He used live shrimp as his bait. It was interesting to see a
shrimp that was still alive.

The boys were very curious.

I love how they're all sitting lined up.

Jason caught a fish!

There were lots of sailboats in the bay. It was fun watching them
come in and out.

Connley and his best buddy Tristan. (We call them Thing 1 and
Thing 2.)


Love the shoes!

Dalton hanging out on the beach.

What a cute little boy!

Okay, LOVE this picture. How sweet are these boys?!

Ooooo, fancy goggles!

The boys...

The rest will be coming soon...I promise!


The Smith Family said...

I can't believe Jason caught a fish, we tried so many times and came out empty handed. Lucky guy!
The pictures came out so cute. Wish we could be there.

*katie* said...

Cute, cute and more cute! I definitely love the picture of Connley and Tristan lying down. Great shots!

Marissa said...

That was a fun day! Glad we got to do it. I love all the pictures you took too - you are really talented!

Alyssa Jenkins said...

So cute Jen! Looks like you guys had an awesome weekend, camping, walks, fishing! How fun! I love the shots you captured! You are very talented!

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