Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memorial Weekend: Camping Trip!

Jason got off work early the Thursday before the Memorial Day weekend and he had Friday through Monday off of work, so we decided at the last minute to go camping! We packed up the car, threw the kids in, and headed up to San Bernidino. Our first attempt was to get a camping spot next to a stream so that Jason could do some fishing. By the time we got up there Thursday evening there weren't any good spots by the stream. Surprisingly enough there was a good group of people that had an extra long weekend like us. We ended up finding a nice camping spot, but it wasn't by the stream. Oh well, maybe next time! The kids had a blast running, and crawling, around in the dirt. They were a mess! I guess we really all were! We stayed two nights and came home Saturday afternoon. The weather during the day was perfect, but at night it was freezing! Luckily we had warm clothes and lots of blankets.

This first picture of Dalton is what he wore to bed. Poor kid could hardly move. Notice that he has only one glove on? We left one hand free because he is a thumb sucker.

The boys playing in the dirt. Connley was very attached
to the shovel.

I LOVE how he's digging in the dirt in his underpants.

Messy faces!

Dirt eater...

Yay! A picture of mom with her boys!

Jason relaxing under the shade of a tree.

Who wants s'more's?!

These are my nature pictures...

We had a blast! I think we're going to start camping more often now that we have the gear and know that the kids love it.


The Smith Family said...

This looks like fun. Where did you guys end up going? I LOVED the lady bug on the edge of the leave one. Looks like it's about to dive into something.

Brooke said...

Yeah, where is that? We need to go camping so bad. It's been since last summer for us. Looks like you had a really nice weekend!

*katie* said...

Such cute (boys/family) and beautiful (nature) pictures! The boys look like they loved it! Alan and I keep talking about going camping but haven't of these days!

JONESIES said...

Love the pictures. They are so precious! My favorite is daltons face as he is exploring the tent!

Anna Marie said...

I love your pictures. Looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

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Connley's High Tech Space Shuttle

Connley and I built a space shuttle for him the other day. He kept sitting inside this box that I was meaning to throw away and decided that he was having so much fun with it that we should color it and make it something cool. So it is his NASA space shuttle, called Space Shuttle Connley. Once completed I had him sit in it and I pushed him around the apartment until I just about fell over dead (like after one minute!). So, that was our fun little project!

Connley's Halloween Costume

Connley's Halloween Costume

connley photo shoot

connley photo shoot

a tired little boy...

a tired little boy...
what a good sport!