Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Fourth of July

For the 4th of July this year we went to my Aunt Lee and Uncle Barry's house for a BBQ and swim party with all of my cousins and their kids. It was lots of fun! We took all the kids swimming and then we had hamburgers and hot dogs and then the kids ran around some more. We were so tired by the end of the day. We ended up being too tired to go out to see fireworks so we decided to just stay home this year. We were relaxing and watching a movie and the fireworks at the bay started and we were able to see some of them from our front porch. It was perfect! So we took Connley out and watched the fireworks from the porch. I have to say that it was the most convient firework show I have ever seen. It was nice to not have to find a parking spot and battle crowds. Plus, once it was over it was straight to bed for Connley. Here's some pics of our fun 4th of July!

Connley eating watermelon and his
crazy hair that is sticking straight up.

This is the only picture I got of Dalton,
he's sitting in his car seat in the

Chillin' in the lawn chair, getting some

Connley and his cousin Sienna. They are sooo

Cousin Chloe with the dog, Taco. She is to cute

Connley with cousin Ethan (or maybe
David, I can't tell from the back. They
are twins).

I had to add in these pictures for fun. Dalton slept in a laundry basket for the first couple of weeks, but now that he is getting longer he has graduated to a long tupperware that use to store my shoes. It is his high quality bassinet. I figure we have all slept in a basket or drawer at one time in our lives.

Connley really wanted to take a picture with
his brother. He is a proud brother!

Dalton's bassinet. :o)


*Katie said...

Fun pictures! I love your bassinet:) I'll have to remember it our next time around. And I love fireworks that you can watch from home, soooo convenient! :)

SewMuchAdo said...

Hey Jen, I'm so glad I can spy on you on your blog now! Connley is is big and so cute! He reminds me of Wyatt, little toe-heads. And Dalton is adorable too, I love that name. Your cupcakes and cake were amazing, I'm already having anxiety attacks over what I'm gonna do for Wyatt's birthday coming up. Yikes!

Shari said...

Hi Jenni!! This is Shari Dorian! I was so excited to get Dalton's birth announcement and to see that you have a blog. I can't believe you only live 10 min away from us and I can't believe that my most favorite babysiter has two babies of her own now! It was fun to see pics of your family. Your boys are adorable. I LOVE the laundry basket idea for the bassinet. Wish I would have thought of that years ago. Email me so we can keep in touch!

Michael and Heather said...

Jenni, hey, I'm blog surfing and came upon your blog. congrats on your new addition! He is a cutie.

Paula said...

I love the new look for your blog. Very cute! Did you do that yourself or did you get it off a site? We got the annoucement for Dalton and loved that too! He looks so cute and we can't wait to see him at the open house.

Kimberlee Montgomery said...

I love your pictures the boys are getting so big. and those cakes are AMAZING just like their creator! I need to get a blog but don't ever seem to have time. We'll see if i can come up with one :0)

Connley's High Tech Space Shuttle

Connley and I built a space shuttle for him the other day. He kept sitting inside this box that I was meaning to throw away and decided that he was having so much fun with it that we should color it and make it something cool. So it is his NASA space shuttle, called Space Shuttle Connley. Once completed I had him sit in it and I pushed him around the apartment until I just about fell over dead (like after one minute!). So, that was our fun little project!

Connley's Halloween Costume

Connley's Halloween Costume

connley photo shoot

connley photo shoot

a tired little boy...

a tired little boy...
what a good sport!