Monday, July 7, 2008

Family Time

Here are some more pictures of Dalton! My parents and brother and sister came to visit a few weeks ago. Dalton was a week and a half old. We went to the beach for about an hour and I am so bummed because I forgot my camera. So I don't have the proof that Dalton went to the beach at a week and a half, but it's true. He's going to be a born surfer dude! Then the next weekend Jason's parents came to visit. We also took them to the beach and took them to this good little Mexican Restaurant there. Of course I forgot my camera again. I guess your brain just gets worse with each kid! Ahhhh! Well, here are some pictures I did get of everyone's visit. Enjoy!

Sweet little sleeping baby (He loves to sleep on
daddy's chest.)

Dalton with Aunt Jessie

Dalton with Grandma

Dalton with Grandpa

Dalton and Aunt Jessie sleeping

Dalton and Uncle Jon-Jon

Two Brothers (Connley has a sticker
on his head from an apple. Random.)

Connley and Dalton with Grandma and Papa


Bjarnson Family said...

Jenny your family looks so great. I am glad everything is going well for you.

Katie said...

Very fun! He's a cutie:) Can't wait to see him on Wednesday!

Haught Fudge said...

Congrats on the new addition. I don't know what's weirder, the fact that you have two kids or how old your sister Jesse looks, holy cow!

THK ~ Three Happy Kids said...

Hello to you all! I am slow in posting a comment but could not resist - Dalton is just a sweetie and Connley sure is growing up! We are so glad that you passed your blog along to us - we are happy you are doing well and it is fun to see pictures of your family. Have a great week!

Love, the Harts :)

Connley's High Tech Space Shuttle

Connley and I built a space shuttle for him the other day. He kept sitting inside this box that I was meaning to throw away and decided that he was having so much fun with it that we should color it and make it something cool. So it is his NASA space shuttle, called Space Shuttle Connley. Once completed I had him sit in it and I pushed him around the apartment until I just about fell over dead (like after one minute!). So, that was our fun little project!

Connley's Halloween Costume

Connley's Halloween Costume

connley photo shoot

connley photo shoot

a tired little boy...

a tired little boy...
what a good sport!