Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Last weekend we had our friends the Critchfield's visiting from Arizona and we spent our Saturday at the beach. We had lots of fun flying kites, boogie boarding, playing in the water and sand, and even burying kids in the sand! Of course I brought my camera and took lots of pictures. We had a great time!

Jason flying his new kite.

Don't they look like pros?

This is how you keep the kids from running off. It works great!

Dalton and Shaelyn (They're about a month apart in age. Dalton
is older, though it doesn't look it! He is such a peanut.)

Cutest little beach outfit! I love all the pink!!

Shaelyn and Mom hanging out on the beach.

Shaelyn and Dad

Critchfield family photos...


JONESIES said...

cute pictures the beach looks like fun!

John and Dana Lyn said...

Jenn you took some awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing! Don't the kids look so adorable? And don't you hate John for looking so much better in that wetsuit than we do? Hahaha!

iknowjewels said...

So cute. I'm jealous of your clean, non-freaks beach, (minus John of course :). The only place we have for that up here is Malibu!

Pretty photos, per ususal. My favorites are the buried kids and leg shots.

Alyssa Jenkins said...

Cute pics Jenn! You are getting good! Looks like a lot of fun. I am wishing I lived on the beach right about now.

*katie* said...

So fun! one of these days I will be brave and head out to the beach with the boys...it pretty much scares me though!! David and Ethan are FAST and like to run in different directions!

Connley's High Tech Space Shuttle

Connley and I built a space shuttle for him the other day. He kept sitting inside this box that I was meaning to throw away and decided that he was having so much fun with it that we should color it and make it something cool. So it is his NASA space shuttle, called Space Shuttle Connley. Once completed I had him sit in it and I pushed him around the apartment until I just about fell over dead (like after one minute!). So, that was our fun little project!

Connley's Halloween Costume

Connley's Halloween Costume

connley photo shoot

connley photo shoot

a tired little boy...

a tired little boy...
what a good sport!